„Islam does give us leeway to think“

DSC_0012aMuslim and gay? Most scholars consider homosexual acts unlawful – not so Muhsin Hendricks, who says that the Koran does not say that homosexuality is a sin. Jannis Hagmann spoke to the South African imam about Islam, homosexuality and Koranic interpretation.

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„Vom Kasbah zum Taksim“

Ich durfte den inhaNachtbarltlichen Input zu einer Veranstaltung der Neuköllner Oper Berlin liefern:

„Basierend auf den Interviews des Journalisten Jannis Hagmann mit zwei Aktivisten der sogenannten „Arabellion“ aus Tunesien und der Türkei wagen wir einen szenisch-musikalischen Brückenschlag zwischen diesen beiden Polen.“

Szenische Lesung: Regula Steiner-Tomic & Danilo Andres Sepulveda Cofre
Musik: Begüm Tüzemen (voc) & Sinem Altan (p)

Mittwoch, 27. August 2014
Emserstraße 131, Berlin-Neukölln
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„You’re allowed to be a Salafist in Germany“

salafiHundreds of people from Germany have gone to Syria to join the jihad. Benno Köpfer of the German domestic intelligence service explains what radicalises young people, why not all Salafists agree with the ISIS caliphate and why he drinks the occasional tea with some of them. (Foto: Jonathan Rashad)

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„Western journalists tend to treat locals as assistants“

Seasoned reporter Lara Setrakian quit a coverted job as a Middle East correspondent to co-found the online news site, Syria Deeply. The portal is dedicated to a single topic – the conflict in Syria – and has an innovative approach to news gathering. It serves as a landing page for pertinent news on the conflict, combining original reporting from the field with aggregated material. It also includes a plethora of digital storytelling tools from interactive maps and timelines to SoundCloud commentary and tweets.

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Carol Mansour’s „Not Who We Are“: Lost Time in Lebanon

Afraa in front of mirrorThe stigma of being refugees, the lack of privacy and an uncertain future – these are just some of the problems that Syrian women face in Lebanon. The renowned filmmaker Carol Mansour tells their stories in her touching documentary „Not Who We Are“.

(Foto: Forward Film Production)
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