Ilisu-Staudamm: Ein Dorf geht unter

Hasankeyf-1TÜRKEI Die Regierung will den Tigris stauen, um Energie zu gewinnen und Land zu bewässern. Hasankeyf soll in den Fluten verschwinden. Der gigantische Damm ist nicht mehr zu verhindern – Dorfbewohner werden für neue Häuser zur Kasse gebeten.

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„The Syria crisis is legitimising Putin“

Russia’s backing of Bashar al-Assad and his regime is a geopolitical game, says Stefan Meister, expert in Russian foreign and security policy. Above all, however, Vladimir Putin is benefitting domestically from his Syria policy. The confrontation with the West is making him a key figure in world politics. Interview by Jannis Hagmann

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„Western journalists tend to treat locals as assistants“

Seasoned reporter Lara Setrakian quit a coverted job as a Middle East correspondent to co-found the online news site, Syria Deeply. The portal is dedicated to a single topic – the conflict in Syria – and has an innovative approach to news gathering. It serves as a landing page for pertinent news on the conflict, combining original reporting from the field with aggregated material. It also includes a plethora of digital storytelling tools from interactive maps and timelines to SoundCloud commentary and tweets.

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